About me..

This is all summed up in the entry ‘My first blog’ but this page needs something so here it goes. My birthday is the 5th September 1985, I have a beautiful baby daughter who was born on the 13th April 2010 and this blog is all about her. At this very moment in time she has thrown herself on the floor and is having an almighty tantrum but anyone with a 15 month old will understand my pain. It is also 1pm and we are both still in our PJ’s and the house is still a state because as my little princess is teething. She won’t let me have even one minute to myself and any tidying I do is quickly undone by this 15 month old whirlwind who has a talent for turning a beautifully cleaned and minimal house into a squatters den. By 6pm when her daddy gets home the house will look worse than it did when he left at 8am and we’ll be still in our PJ’s ready for bed.. hmmm.

The book I’m writing is divided into several sections. The first is my diary I kept during my pregnancy. The second is from the moment Jennifer is born to around 1 year old. The third is my friends and families stories, their birth stories and their honesty and a daddy’s perspective as Matt bravely puts pen to paper so you can read his side of the story. The fourth is my hints and tips section where everything from ‘what to pack in your hospital bag’ to ‘recipes for weaning’ to ‘teething remedies’ to ‘which products I’d recommend’ is covered.

I just hope that women (and men) out there can read it and feel some sort of fulfilment from it, that is my aim. The way I write won’t be for everyone and some may even be shocked by the goings on in my life especially as it’s supposed to be the most special (and tranquil) time of my life. I write honestly, I have not adapted or edited it much apart from removing the odd name; I initially wrote the book for first time mums as I felt I needed a book like this to turn to when I didn’t want to bug my friends who don’t have children, Matt couldn’t be bothered and I didn’t want to see my midwife in case she wanted to suck more blood out of my arm! Basically it is my life, warts and all – everyone loves a scandal, everyone would jump at the chance to read someone else’s diary so why not mine, come on in and Enjoy! I’m also looking for feedback, ideas, inspiration and advice (positive or brutally harsh) on my writing. xx

6 thoughts on “About me..

  1. Just read your whole amazing, magical journey through pregnancy and birth of your gorgeous jennifer and I really enjoyed it. Its nice to hear other mums experiences and you have put so much thoughts and feelings into it, it made you want to read more and more. xxx

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