Issues in the school playground… (written a few weeks ago)

So I have spent most of my morning crying.. Over some bitch in the school playground. Yes I am 31 years old and I am crying over the behaviour of another school mum.. Screams ‘pathetic’ doesn’t it? Well it is, but my idiot brain and emotions won’t let me calm down. My make up is ruined, (the one morning I bother putting some on and this melted mascara is stinging my eyes making everything 1000 times worse), puffy bloodshot eyes, and snot streaming from my face like I am full of a really terrible cold, I am sobbing and borderline hyperventilating like a 5 year old child who needs to just be held. 

Screw her.. Screw that one who made me feel like I did when I was 6 and being called names in the playground for having a birthmark on my forehead. Children are so cruel – no, corrected, people are so cruel. 
Playground gangs and groups are lovely when everyone is friends, organising mum’s wine nights and play dates (for the kids – no kinkiness) but when one school mum decides for no reason that she doesn’t like another, and she forms a little playground alliance against that one person (me) it makes the school drop off and pick up unbearable. This morning was one of those occasions. I’m stood there chatting. She approaches. All backs are suddenly turned and I am somehow out of the circle twiddling my thumbs. It was just one of the moments you wish the ground would swallow you whole, no one would notice anyway. 
I’m not lowering myself to bad mouth her but I just don’t get it. I obviously don’t know this game of playground politics it’s like some sick musical and I don’t know the taunting songs they are all singing. 
There is no point to this post I just needed to vent. At least it’s Friday and I don’t need to visit the playground for another 2 whole days. Over and out.

(Photo: At least these two munchkins make me happy 😊) 

3 thoughts on “Issues in the school playground… (written a few weeks ago)

  1. I totally feel your pain! I am pregnant with my first so haven’t experienced this myself yet. But went through years watching it happen to my mum and being a little kid wanting to fix it but not know how. It’s horrible and I will never understand why adults choose to behave that way!

    Keep your head up!

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