I had a baby, 6 months ago… Welcome to the world Emily



I woke up this morning to the realisation that today my baby turned 6 months old and I haven’t even introduced her to my online world yet, no birth announcement, no birth story, no ‘welcome to the world’ blog-post or Tweet for which I can only apologise. I wish that it was because my life just got busy having two little girls running me ragged but sadly this isn’t the case – I will get to the reason of my radio silence in my next blog post.

Emily Edith Mitchell was born on the 20th January 2015 weighing 6 lb11 1/2oz, all natural, no pain killers… In fact, no monitoring, no planned epidural, not even a peek at my specific birth plan the team of cardiologists had spent time planning throughout my entire pregnancy – I actually almost gave birth in a wheelchair in a corridor between the induction bay and the delivery suite. It was scary. I will write my story when I can get my head around it. 6 months on I am still not able to talk about it, anyway this is supposed to be a happy and short announcement post, I will get to the nitty gritty soon enough.

Emily is a tinker, the complete opposite of Jennifer, who by 7 weeks old was sleeping through the night. Emily appears to be allergic to sleep, she is a boobie monster and spends hours grazing on the boob. She is grumpy for absolutely no reason – so much so that Jennifer calls her ‘The Beast’. That being said Jenny loves being a big sister, she turned 5 years old when Emily was just shy of 3 months old so there is a substantial age gap which works for us. Jenny thinks she has her own real-life dolly and says she is lucky to have a little sister, she writes me cards and picks me flowers to say Thank you for giving her a little sister, there is thankfully no resentment towards our new addition at all.

Before I got pregnant we were singing along to Frozen’s song ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ and she reminded me that Anna and Elsa’s parents die at one point in the song, she looked at me with sad eyes and said, ‘At least Anna and Elsa have each other, If you and daddy die I will have noone’. I almost died inside at that cute yet morbid thought. The point I’m trying to make is that all of her friends have siblings, even her fictional friends, and she saw herself as being different. Now we have given her a sister, even though she is a nightmare baby, Jenny loves her unconditionally and can’t wait for Emily’s milestones, can’t wait to teach her things, to play with her, to show her off and just have Emily in her life.

Anyway, short and sweet I am glad I have written this, I am glad I have formally welcomed Emily to my online family now, I am glad that my writing has come back to me naturally even though my grammar is probably the stuff of teachers nightmares, but I am proud of myself. I will write again very soon and fill you in on the rest, until then wish me luck, the beast has awoken…

Lou xxx

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