A video interview with me, Louise Hamilton author of Mummy Diaries: Pregnancy – Stumbling into the unknown!

Hi everyone – yes shock-horror, after months of radio silence I blog twice in one week?!

Well, I had forgotten that I’ve done this video interview with Farhan from workingparent.info. It was originally for the purpose of promoting my book for Mothers Day, but it is the first video interview I have done – and possibly the only one I will ever do – I sound terrible! I don’t recognise my voice at all! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, it introduces you properly to me, gives more of an insight as to why I wrote my pregnancy diary in the first place and what gave me the idea and inspiration to publish it for everyone to read!

Please share and comment, would love to know your thoughts, Lou xxx

Here is a link to my eBook on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mummy-Diaries-Pregnancy-Stumbling-into-ebook/dp/B00AO5MDL0

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