I’m pregnant again! Second pregnancy, it’s a girl!

Wedding preparationsWell as the title suggests I am pregnant again!

Myself and Luke got married on Saturday 3rd May, it was literally the best day of our lives. I remember in the months leading up to our wedding marking out on our calendar when my periods were so see if I would be due on on my hen do and wedding day. I remember wincing when I realised that I would be due on 2 days after the big day and saying to my best friend Jade that it would be just my luck to be ‘on’ on my big day!

I was having my eyelashes and nails done the day before my wedding and I could feel the familiar pull in my tummy, I put it down to nerves but sure enough the morning of the wedding I looked down to see a streak of red in my knickers.. Damn!

Anyway, apart from that (and Luke’s parents being their usual idiot selves – yes even on our big day they couldn’t be nice) the day went so smoothly – and quickly! I remember going down to a bluebell wood with Luke and the photographer. We had a beautiful moment where we were just chatting away about the day and I just said out of the blue “So shall I come off my pill then?” with a cheeky grin on my face (half expecting him to tell me to shut up and stop being stupid) and he paused and replied “Yes – BUT this is the last we mention of it, we are not ‘trying’, we are not putting pressure on ourselves, or telling people, we are just having fun… OK?” to which I held him tighter with a huge grin on my face.

I didn’t take my pill that evening, or any other evening since then. We had ‘fun’ over the coming few weeks, not really mentioning it but we did have more nookie than usual. One of the only times we did speak about it I jokingly said I wondered how long it would take for us to get caught out, we both agreed to shush incase we jinxed anything, but said it could take us months or even years so not to be disappointed each time my period came.

My period never came. In fact I peed on a stick just two weeks after the wedding as I felt so strange and just knew I was already pregnant. It came back negative as it was so early but I just knew. A week later I was doing the dishes and was washing a metal baking tray and I could actually taste the metal, I could feel it on my teeth like I was chewing on tin foil. The next day I couldn’t even be around Luke when he was eating my favourite sweet chilli crisps as the smell was making me want to throw up. The day after, Luke and I were getting down to some baby-making, even after a lot of forplay I couldn’t get myself ‘ready’ down there and I got upset that something was wrong with me. I stopped suddenly and said that we needed to do a test.

I still thought it was early so we waited until we were in town the next day and bought a test. As soon as we got back to work I dissapeared off to the toilet to pee on it.. and it was positive! I went back into the office to break the news to Luke – who was on the phone to his best man.. for like EVER… I ended up interrupting their converation by announcing very bluntly that we were pregnant and he looked all pale and finally said “Oh my God!” I too thought we would have had months of fun ‘trying’ and we literally got caught out just days after our wedding!

12 Week scan picture

Anyway, the first 15 weeks were sheer hell, I felt like I was going to throw up at pretty much every smell, especially coffee and if I wasn’t threatening to spontaneously puke everywhere I was passing out or somewhere directly between the two nightmare situations. I became obsessed with drinking bottled water as water out of the tap tasted like chemicals (I KNOW THIS IS NOT NORMAL!), I craved toased bagels and Dime bars (again I look back and think I was being a diva).

Luckily for our Italian honeymoon I was normal again, and today I am 22 weeks pregnant! We found out our bump is a pink one and apart from the usual aches and pains I am feeling great! I even started a pregnancy yoga class which I am really enjoying! And I am also researching hypnobirthing as I feel so scared about the birth this time – I now know what’s coming!

Anyway I will write again really soon, I just wanted to fill you guys in 🙂 xxx

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