Update on me, sorry I’ve been quiet! (Marriage, in-laws and 2nd book to blame!)

Ok so I haven’t updated my blog in 9 whole months! *slapped wrist* Such a lot has happened, I’ll try and fill you all in as much as I can.

Luke and I bought our first house together in March 2012, then we got engaged in July 2012, I planned my wedding all last year and then got married 3 weeks ago!

My life has been a bit of whirlwind but I am the happiest I have ever been. I’m sure that anyone who has read my book ‘Mummy Diaries: Pregnancy – Stumbling into the unknown’ will want to know “What happened next?”. Luke’s mum is still majorly unstable, the news of our engagement didn’t go down well and caused us to have family counselling and for her to threaten to commit suicide. Things got slightly better when we had no contact with them for 6 months, but then got worse again as the wedding came near. She tried as hard as she could to ruin the whole lead-up to the wedding and on our wedding day his parents didn’t even congratulate us or watch our first dance.

All of that nonsense aside his mother being a complete pain in the ass is just what every in-law is supposed to do isn’t it? She is testing and trying me, and I have learned that I am now a better person for the hell she has put us through, I am more tolerant, more loving, more understanding, my patience has an epic time span, I am definitely the bigger person and I now just feel sorry for her. Now I am Luke’s WIFE (eeeek I still can’t get used to saying that) I have nothing else to fear. Our family is officially and properly united and we are trying for another baby. (well, not ‘trying’ just not using any form of contraception and seeing where it will take us). His mother gave birth to him and I can see why he gives her unlimited chances, it proves that I have married an amazing man and he will never give up on me.

On the book front, my second book is ready, I have again just asked my close friends to write a piece on their experiences of being a mum during their baby’s first year so once I have their pieces emailed over to me I will add them to my own book and send them off to the editors. Through Twitter I have found a local editor who I seem to get along with really well and I am really excited to be taking this next step. Fingers crossed my second book will be ready and published by September if not sooner – I just need a name for it – all suggestions are welcome. My first book is: Mummy Diaries: Pregnancy – Stumbling into the unknown. So my second book needs to be: Mummy Diaries: (something to do with babys first year)… Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I have also got a book trailer for my first book made by a local web design company in Lancaster called Intelligent Internet Ltd and I couldn’t have even imagined my promo video could look this good! Ever! Here is the link: My book trailer on YouTube

And if that inspires you to buy my first book here is the link to my Amazon page: My book sales page on Amazon

Thanks for reading and for your patience, I promise I will be better at blogging and social networking from now on, big hugs, Lou xxx

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