A little about me and why I wrote my pregnancy book

I am 27, my ‘baby’ is almost three years old now. I live in Lancashire, UK with my fiancee Luke. While Luke is at work I spend my days playing and baking with my daughter Jennifer and watching Disney films! In my spare time (when Jenny is asleep and the housework is done) I write. My life hasn’t always been this good, Luke and I have been through some tough times, in fact, I spent all of my pregnancy thinking I’d raise the baby alone as a single parent. His parents are literally the worst human beings I know and made for great writing if nothing else. I used to read extracts of my diary to my friends and depending what the extract was about they would giggle or cry. It was only when reading about one particurlarly amusing incident with a girl inappropriately groping my pregnant bump in a bar and I responded to this weird gropey girl by grabing her sizable breasts that one of my friends (after spitting out her mouthful of tea) said I should type my diary out properly for others to read. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my scibbles but it appears people are! I used to write poetry but now my new passion is my series of parenting books in diary style. My first book ‘Mummy Diaries: Pregnancy – Stumbling into the unknown’ is available now on all ebook formats.

Mummy Diaries final coverhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Mummy-Diaries-Pregnancy-Stumbling-ebook/dp/B00AO5MDL0/ref=zg_bs_534510_15

My pregnancy book, is in three parts:
1. A true and honest account of my pregnancy in diary format. From conception, to holding my little bundle of joy in my arms.
2. My mum and friends’ pregnancy and birth stories – no two pregnancies/births are the same, so I’ve given my readers a wide variety of experiences.
3. Hints and tips section e.g. What to pack in your hospital bag, How to write a birth plan etc.

My second book is yet to be named and edited but it’s about my baby’s first year including things like breastfeeding, weaning, nappies, coping on abroad holidays. It should be available by summer 2013.. watch this space!

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